Personal Development

Audience participation is key in all our programmes and everyone has ample opportunity to practice and put into action techniques we cover. All our personal development trainings follow the same belief structure that in order to learn and put into practice what you have learnt, it is imperative that:

You have fun, you smile, you laugh, you are comfortable, You feel at ease, you ask questions, You are fed and watered (if appropriate) AND learn lots of helpful skills!

Customer Service Training

The course explains the differences between us all. The fact that we all communicate differently is essential to understanding your colleagues and your customers. We also cover how people are convinced to do particular things, understanding that it takes different things for different people.  We are not all the same. We don’t all immediately say “yes” to certain questions.

We pay particular attention to body language (verbal and physical) as well as rapport building skills which are an essential skill to communicating effectively.

Anyone who communicates with internal and/or external customers and provides a service to them, either face to face or on the telephone, needs to understand the importance of good customer care.

Training workshop objectives:

  • Appreciate the impact of language - verbal and non-verbal - and how to use it for maximum effect
  • Examine methods of building rapport and changing attitude and perception through communication tools
  • Assess your own interpersonal skills
  • Learn effective techniques to minimise conflict.
  • Use a range of simple and reliable techniques for managing challenging people
  • Understand the principles of Transactional Analysis

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