The Training People

The Training People offer a comprehensive training service (online or physical) for companies wishing to care for their most valuable asset – their workforce.  During these difficult times we are offering sessions from half an hour (usually called Town Halls) through to a whole day and anything in between.  We appreciate that sitting in front of the computer for a long session can sometimes be very draining so we have built in to our sessions different methods of participation. Everything we do is tailored to your requirements, particularly important in the virtual/online world.

Where face to face training is not a possibility, we are pleased to offer online or virtual training via most of the usual methods of  Zoom or Webex or Teams.  Prior to this "unprecedented situation" most of our training took place at your own site.  

Happier, more motivated staff perform better; have less time off sick; recover more quickly and are more likely to stay with their employer.  We offer sessions in Well being and Resilience to cover personal and staff challenges. We understand that in the very pressured, current environment these types of sessions are in big demand and are essential to keep staff. After all it surely is better to train staff to keep them, rather than to NOT to train staff and lose them!

Not all companies have the same needs and wants and requirements, we therefore prefer to offer a tailored service to our clients and our topics and sessions can be mixed and matched.