More information about The Training People

Tina Williams founded The Training People over twenty five years ago and in that time she has developed training courses and created training strategies for many different companies. Amongst those are several Blue Chip companies including British Airways, BP, The Financial Services Authority, GOSH (Great Ormond Street Hospital), BT (Bankers Trust), and BPS (Berkshire Probation Service). Tina is a Master NLP Practitioner, Trainer (TPMA qualified), Hypnotherapist and Coach and is passionate about working with people to discover hidden talents and build confidence in all aspects of their lives.

We use high quality professional trainers who have come from a corporate background and as a result, have first-hand experience of the stresses and strains which face all of us in our everyday lives and they specialise in the training which they are passionate about whether it be Personal Development training or Computer training.

We pride ourselves in being very flexible in our approach to training and lead workshops and business trainings which are full of fun, passion and energy. We believe that this is the best environment in which to experience and retain the “learnings”.

As part of our offering we love delivering short but intensive sessions (short and sweet I like to think) often called Town Halls but also known as “Brown Bag Lunches” or even “Nuggets”. Participants can enjoy their sandwich lunch whilst learning new and exciting things. These particular sessions are super-effective at getting messages across in a short space of time whether it be introducing people to the implications of knowing about the Kubler Ross Stress Curve or some tips on how to Present with Confidence or even some Word Nuggets or Excel Tips!