Why Use The Training People

All our training follow the same belief structure that in order to learn and put into practice what you have learnt, it is imperative that:

You have fun, you smile, you laugh, you are comfortable, you feel at ease, you ask questions, you are fed and watered (if appropriate) AND learn lots of helpful skills!

We work in partnership with our clients to help them identify their training needs and deliver a training programme tailored to individuals requirements.  Whether the programme is one or several sessions, it will be designed to meet your needs. We offer online virtual training sessions as well as face to face training. If you are not a fan of Zoom we can use other virtual training platforms like Teams or Webex. 

Our training teaches you the features you need to perform your job.  This dramatically reduces the time you spend learning and helps increase your retention of new knowledge.  Using over 35 years of experience in training we offer a range of approaches to ensure you can find the training method that is best to your needs, be that online, face to face, short 1 hour sessions or day long sessions.


"Tina is an absolutely brilliant trainer .Tina is engaging, entertaining and able to build rapport with delegates at all levels of IT literacy. I would not hesitate to recommend Tina and call upon her skills if required in the future.” Anna Jacobs, Happy Training

 "Tina was amazing and so lovely. " Delegate from: Equity Release Council 

I attended Tina's NLP course and she is a brilliant trainer. She puts people at ease very quickly, gets people working together well and engenders a sense of fun and excitement. I really enjoyed it and am so glad that I met Tina!” Elvira Villarini

 "100% excellent" delegate from Terrence Higgins Trust

"Tina was very friendly and helpful and all examples used and discussed were relevant and useful."  delegate on an Assertiveness course

"Great explanation of Assertiveness and the different states. The course was relaxed and the teacher very knowledgeable and made it easy to understand. Would highly recommend this course in future."

"making it friendly and fun rather than boring. Tina was very funny and light hearted rather than boring. "

"I've worked with Tina many times over the last 5 years and her skills in communicating and building lasting relationships never fail to impress me. She has a vast range of knowledge about communications and a deep understanding of people, she brings these elegantly together to help people achieve their goals. She is always warm, friendly and approachable and able to put people at ease. Tina is professional, dedicated and enormously good fun to work with and i have no hesitation in recommending her to work with individuals or organisations to help people achieve their goals.” Julie Seddon, Exeter

Tina has been a valued member of my team of freelance IT trainers since March 2001. During that time she has proven to be a highly professional and effective trainer who consistently receives great feedback – not just for the training results but also for the way she conducts training sessions with her engaging personality and sense of humour.
Sally Williams, SJM Training

“I have both seen and experienced first hand, Tina at work with both IT related and Personal Development courses - she is excellent at both and really takes the time to tailor her delivery to give all attendees the maximum opportunity to benefit... she also makes it 'lively' and very interactive which is a great way of ensuring people really remember what they have been taught.”
Carole Travell, FSA