Presentation Skills Personal Development Training Course

This workshop is for anyone who needs to be able to present information effectively and confidently at meetings or in group situations. It will also help individuals to develop their competence in communicating effectively and identify their personal areas of strength and learn how to use them to create great presentations .

The thought of presenting to an audience can be daunting, especially if you have little or no formal training. There are some skills that you can put into practice that will enable you to make impressive and persuasive presentations that are remembered long after they are over.

  • Understand the importance of voice, tone and body language
  • Deliver presentations confidently and professionally
  • Consider the target audience when planning style and content
  • Understand the most effective ways to use visual aids/handouts
  • Deal with questions and objections more confidently
  • Structure, plan and prepare a clear and effective presentation

You will consider the physical aspects of presentation delivery, including the use of voice and body language.  You will put these methods into practice by creating a short presentation. As part of a group, you will give and receive constructive feedback on individual performance.