Managing Stress Personal Development Training Course

Well-being and resilience is the current buzz word and being able to manage your own and others well-being and resilience is a crucial skill in today’s busy, frenetic world.  Strengthening your ability to cope with stress enables you to recover quickly from setbacks and adversity.  It is an essential quality for coping with organisational change and accepting that change can create opportunities.

Stressed employees are less efficient, prone to sickness and may even apportion blame.  This session can show you how to save on the cost of absent staff and increase productivity by reducing stress in the workplace. Learn to identify the signs of stress from your employees and how to deal with it effectively.

Training Workshop Objectives

You will be able to define various stress symptoms and the causes of stress.

  • You will be able to demonstrate practical use of techniques to manage stress
  • Discover various relaxation techniques and identify at least one to be used back in the workplace.
  • Manage stressful thoughts with re-framing and positive talk
  • Harness the energy of negative emotions for positive outcomes
  • How full is your Stress Container?
  • Manage change positively
  • Understand the implication of the Kubler Ross Stress Curve