Time Management Personal Development Training Course

This workshop lets you regain control of your workload by managing yourself and others more intelligently. You will learn how and when to say no, how to prioritise effectively and most importantly, how to sustain these improvements over time.  You'll leave with a clear head and the tools to make immediate, lasting improvements back at work.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by how much you had to do OR felt you were allocating too much time to tasks that are nowhere near the top of your list OR do you often run late OR do you lack control over your workload OR do you have times when you feel you’ve been busy all day but just not accomplished anything?  Then this course is for you!

Time Management Training is for you if you seem to spend your days stressed, disorganised or frustrated at the “lack” of time you encounter. This course will give you practical and applicable tools and skills to help you be more organised, focused and productive in the workplace. Whilst not being able to “make” more time, you will be shown how to use the time available efficiently.

On completing our Time Management course you will be able to:

  • Understand clearly the principles of good time management and how it impacts on work performance.
  • Plan, organise and prioritise work more efficiently.
  • ‘Work smarter’ within time available.
  • Demonstrate confidence and assertiveness to say “No”.
  • Utilise proven methods of reducing stress and pressure, hence improving performance.